Frequently Asked Questions - Organisation

Common questions answered on the topic of why this site exists and how to use it

How does it work?

Organisations post opportunities


Athletes apply with their quote or fee


The organisation looks through the applications and accepts one


Athlete will be notified of successful application


Organisation and athlete connect to confirm details

How is payment scheduled?

Payment for the event will be arranged directly through the organisation and the athlete.

The BAC will take a 10% commission fee which will be automatically calculated, and a payment request will be sent to the organisation once the athlete and fee has been confirmed.

I would like a local athlete for the event

This can be detailed in the event description box. In addition, organisations will be able to view athlete’s city/town location via their athlete bio. This will give an estimated idea of distance.

Is travel included in the athlete's quote

It will be up to the organisation to state whether proposed quotes are inclusive of travel. You can do this in the event description box.

The event is for a charity and no appearance fee is available.

If no appearance fee is available, then this must be stated clearly in the event description box.