Frequently Asked Questions - Athlete

Common questions answered on the topic of why this site exists and how to use it.

How does it work?

Organisations post opportunites for you to apply for.

Athletes apply with their quote or fee. 

The organisation accepts one of the applications.


Will I be notified when appearances become available?

Yes, you will be notified by email of new and upcoming appearances.

Will I be notified if I am successful/unsuccessful with my application for the athlete appearance??

Yes, you will be notified by email if your application is successful or unsuccessful.

Who decides which athlete is the most suitable for the appearance?

The organisation posting the appearance will have 100% control on deciding which athlete is most suitable and successful with their application. This decision may include multiple factors including fee, location, date, experience and what the appearance involves.

How do I get paid for an appearance?

It will be at the discretion of the organisation and athlete to agree payment terms. Invoices should be sent directly to the organisation and not BAC.

Please see Invoice template below for guidance


What happens if I must cancel the appearance due to training and competition commitments?

You should contact the organisation and their point of contact at the earliest opportunity.

Will these appearances count towards my UK Sport Athlete Appearances?

No, the appearances listed on Athletes Connect do not count towards UK Sport Athlete Appearances